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Whether you're unsure if you have anything to offer to potential sponsors or you have questions about rebranding and image, we offer guidance on a variety of topics.

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Marketing Decks

Are you ready to take the next step as a driver and reach out to potential sponsors? Let us help you create an image that stands out.

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Press Releases:

Do you have some exciting news you need distributed? Let us help you write a professional and compelling press release.

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Have a big race coming up? Need professional photographs for yourself and your sponsors? Never Lift Consulting has a roster of photographers in CA and OR. Daily or full event coverage offered.

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Never Lift Consulting drivers

It's been a pleasure to work with these athletes.

Max Toth

American Racing Junior GP

Spec D Drift Series

Formula Drift Licensing series in Canada

Valentino Garbarino

Karting driver and recipient of the Never Lift Consulting driver award


We work with drivers in many forms of motorsports - see what some of them have to say:

Never Lift...

/'nev-er \-\lift\ ---phrase--- to keep one's foot firmly planted on the accelerator pedal with complete disregard to the possible outcome; can often end with catastrophic results but with proper execution has been known to create legends.

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